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A three walled unit on castors…BUT has the added advantage of whole unit being collapsible
... flexibility in water play with our Water Wall


We are keen advocates of experiential learning.
Our aim is to provide Educators with cross-curriculum, robust, cost effective equipment that:

  • encourages children to explore and hopefully enjoy discovering basic maths, science & technology principles

  • helps to develop problem solving skills through experimentation with cause and effect. (i.e. encourages them to try to discover their own answers to their what happens when...? how can we...? what if we...? questions.)

  • encourages co-operative interaction

  • However our ultimate aim is to provide You with equipment to help children have the courage to have a go, foster a love for learning and, through fun and familiarity, break down some of their “fear” factors.

A purpose designed conveyor belt
robust for sand play or use it inside to replicate a shopping check out ... more
Timeless and ever popular bloc play with an added twist!
With the inclusion of colours, mirrors, tracs, angles and periscopes to our range - it has opened up for us a whole new concept to block play. ..more


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