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A three walled unit on castors…BUT has the added advantage of whole unit being collapsible
... flexibility in water play with our Water Wall


Timeless and ever popular bloc play with an added twist!
With the inclusion of colours, mirrors, tracs and angles to our range - it has opened up for us a whole new concept to block play. By adding extra scientific and mathematical dimensions to explore, while at the same time enhancing aesthetic appeal to construction and design. It has us looking at this age old popular children’s activity with new eyes.


House all your blocs with this compact trolley - ON CASTORS - save space or transport to another area.

17 piece bloc set, 1 fun with mirrors, 2 periscopes, 4 coloured hollo blocs, trac set 1, trac set 2, try angles set 1, try angles set 2

So much fun!
So much free expression!
So versatile!
Use indoors or out
  • the open ends make it easier for children to manage
  • use see-through face or turn to use solid face
  • great for developing motor skills
  • co-operative play
Timeless and ever popular bloc play with an added twist!
With the inclusion of colours, mirrors, tracs, angles and periscopes to our range - it has opened up for us a whole new concept to block play. ..more


The full set - 17 pieces
1 large bloc 560mm x 280mm x 140mm
2 half blocs 280mm x 280mm x 140mm
4 quarter blocs 240mm x 140mm x 140mm
8 eighth blocs 140mm x 140mm x 140mm
2 ramps 560mm x 140mm x 280mm

Teacher comments:
“Best thing we’ve bought this year”
“Kids have a lot of fun”

Each bloc 280mm X 280mm large
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Red
  • Mirror
  • All see thru

and combines with our Hollo Blocs

  • big periscopes that allow kids to see around and over things
  • sold in pairs, as the discovery is more than double
Try placing one periscope at right angles and watch the child’s expression as they try to fathom how they see an object not only
in front of them but along from them too...

Size 560mm x 140mm x 140mm
designed to fit with hollo blocs


See the world in a different light... with this set of 4 blocks featuring vibrantly coloured centres

red yellow green blue

  • using sunlight try getting the colours to reflect onto different surfaces
  • great for playing traffic lights and as a compliment to the hollo block set and periscopes

Each block is 140mm x 140mm x 140mm

Turn the world on its head...
with these fun convex concave mirrors
  • play with magnification, watch as objects expand/contract or see one hand morph into two

WEIRD but FUN!!!
560mm x 140mm x 140mm

Extend your unit blocs
What happens if we...?
Download the Trac Set Instruction book in pdf format HERE
Set One:
Heaps of questions can be generated from this 11 piece set that kids can use to create their own race tracks
etc, and they’re on the road to exploring simple physics.
- by using ramps for elevation (cause) we observe we gain distance (effect)
- add a pencil into the specially cut slots and you have a tipping bridge (or fulcrum)
- set comes with instruction book with exercises and packs away neatly into case.

As the name TRY ANGLES suggests these are open ended puzzles designed to explore spatial awareness and encourage creative and lateral thinking. Aesthetically enhanced by the different woods and grains. Across the curriculum resources that come complete in their own trays.

TRY Angles Set 2


TRY Angles Set 5
Kids create a big range of shapes and patterns, exploring spatial awareness.
  • shapes can be horizontal or vertical
  • inside or outside the tray
  • explore balance
  • from very simple stacking skills to complex designs to simple stacking skills
  • patterns make good discussion starters into geometric concepts

Download the Triangle Set Instruction book in pdf format HERE


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