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A three walled unit on castors…BUT has the added advantage of whole unit being collapsible
... flexibility in water play with our Water Wall


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Address 60 Ford Rd., RD 1, Waihi, New Zealand
Ph/Fax 0011647-863-8005
email info@kidantics.com.au
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Water Play    
   3 Sided Water Wall $799.00
   Water Wall $499.00
Individual Channel Sets    
   3 Sided Water Wall 16 Pieces $275.00
   Fixed Water Wall 11 pieces $199.00
Bloc Play    
   Bloc Play Centre  $1695.00
   Bloc trolley   $295.00
   Hollo blocs set  $599.00
   Coloured Hollo blocs large 5 pcs $165.00
   Periscopes  $129.95
   Coloured hollo blocs  4 pcs $89.95
   Fun with mirrors  $89.95
   Trac set  $129.95
   set 2 $99.95
   set 5   $99.95
Other Products    
   Canals Set


   Conveyor belt $349.00
   Pulley system $135.00
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Timeless and ever popular bloc play with an added twist!
With the inclusion of colours, mirrors, tracs, angles and periscopes to our range - it has opened up for us a whole new concept to block play. ..more



                             Ph: 0011647-863-8005    email: info@kidantics.com.au