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A three walled unit on castors…BUT has the added advantage of whole unit being collapsible
... flexibility in water play with our Water Wall


A New Take on Canals
Feedback so far:
1) A few months ago we ordered the channel set for our kindergarten. I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that it has been the best purchase for the kindergarten this year - it is being used constantly! A great product!

2) I am impressed and I believe we will get a wide variety of ways in which to use them with the canals and other equipment that we have.

3) The building that our children are doing with this equipment is amazing and we have found that the towers are adding a 'stability' dimension to all our buildings.

The beauty of this equipment is that all the channels are able to be re positioned in a number of ways, AND the stands have many different height settings, allowing the system to be easily rearranged in more ways.

Using water, balls inside or outside, kids can explore height, distance, speed, cornering.

Made from solid 19mm treated ( NOT tantalised ) timber, with glued joints makes for a very robust product.

The set is

  • one 1.2 metre long channels

  • two 600 mm long channel

  • three 400mm stands

    Meaning that it is a very open ended piece of equipment.


A purpose designed conveyor belt robust for sand play or use it inside to replicate a shopping check out

  • Available in natural timber
  • 1000mm long
  • Angled
  • robust for sand play
  • use it inside to replicate a shopping check out



A purpose designed pulley system that allows Kids to move things from one place to another.

  • Great for co-operative play
  • Tie across the sandpit or any area in your centre
  • Pulleys can be pulled from any direction
  • Comes with 20m rope, 2 sets of pulleys each with a rope and
    a sturdy bucket at one end.

Please note because ropes are involved supervision is required.
Timeless and ever popular bloc play with an added twist!
With the inclusion of colours, mirrors, tracs, angles and periscopes to our range - it has opened up for us a whole new concept to block play. ..more



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