About Us

For more than 20 years Kidantics has been hand-making eco-friendly toys to fire kids imaginations.

Single-sided Water WallThe ultimate aim is to help children find the courage to try something new, foster a love for learning, and (through fun and familiarity) break down some of their “fear” factors. We provide Educators with cross-curriculum, robust, cost effective equipment that:
  • encourages children to explore (and hopefully enjoy) discovering basic maths, science & technology principles
  • helps to develop problem solving skills through experimentation with cause and effect. (i.e. encourages them to try to discover their own answers to their what happens when…? | how can we…?  | what if we…? questions.)
  • encourages co-operative interaction to build strong friendships

Kidantics is based in Waihi, New Zealand, but exports all over the world.